The Autonomous Woman

Greatly, I sit in the center of an empty room

With my legs cradled, I rock

Back and forth

Until my stomach settles and I can stand again.

I worried once for three hours straight- unable to sooth

Buried under a heavy branch

Whose weight confused my legs

I was able to tip the branch and crush it’s thorned spikes

Stepping through it’s stormed wood

Breaking it’s only stemming root

It took me sometime, but the strength was incredibly self-rooted

Though no matter how many I push through I keep cutting my ankles

And the spiked thorned crunches get louder under the speakerphone

I will benefit from the crushing self pity and I will develop a fantastic boon.

I tell myself every morning

I am strong

I am worth while

I am elegant

The branches weight diminishes at times

Quite a lot

Until I can truly barely feel it.

A long happy streak with a universal “hell yeah” shout.

No one’s words are calling me down.

I tell myself every morning

I am fervent

I am strapping

I am able

Rummaging through old notebooks I see my progress and my unique stance of brawniness.

My parents become distant voices and my own gets picked up by the megaphone

I am able, I scream, beginning my morning routine.


I tell myself every morning

I am inspired

I am beautiful

I am the autonomous woman.

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