Stung by Sensitivity

Kevin has always been stung by sensitivity.

Like bees, sensitivity has followed him everywhere- through his life he walked with burning skin and rashy thoughts.

Kevin has never been stung by a bee but he bets he knows what it would feel like.

Kevin cries for help but his parents tell him at 36 he should have his life together. Recently diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder, Kevin cannot make up his mind which bee he would rather be stung by. He sits outside with a beekeeper’s mask, hiding his skin from both the sun and the harsh words his parents scream at him over the intercom. He believes he was just born with a sensitive skin, like his brain, that can’t quite sit light.

Kevin sits heavy.

His heavy thoughts sit propped up against his eyes, hanging on his lashes like weights. A disorder is far from what he is, he deems. His eyes close while his mask scratches at his cheeks. He smacks himself, does a 180 and sees a gentle bee sitting by his bare white chair. He leans toward it, welcoming it with his lips, the now only moving part of his face. He considers this bee his only friend and starts to speak. Wondering how he has made it to 36 with absolutely no help with two opinions on his interior. He is bipolar. I am bipolar, Kevin says out loud to the bee. It is a disorder, I am a disorder.

He starts to scratch his mind, it gets rashy again. The bee sits on the bare white chair,




He listened to Kevin’s rash.

I was born with more emotions and sensitivity than others, and it has made my life extremely difficult.

The bee flew under the beekeeper’s mask and stung Kevin.

Kevin did not really know what it felt like to be stung by a bee until an actual bee had stung and

                   His Rash



Kevin, 36, Brooklyn

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