notes on: Infatuation

To be possessed by someone; a miserable inconvenience.

I am possessed and miserably inconvenienced.

                               I DREW HONEY FROM YOUR LIPS WITH A SYRINGE.

Your eyes cry only dry tears that I turn wet when I turn you on.

I’ll run away from home with only a bag of lingerie. Hey lady! Put some clothes on- they’ll yell.

I impress myself by the impressions I’ve made on you, my muse, my tulip garden,

It grows when I think of you,

What if the bees gather? From all that honey I dropped on the back of your neck from admiration. I make mistakes when I stare. A hopeless romantic hopelessly drops honey on the back of her lover’s neck. What a headline. The bees attacked her;

I think of you even when I can’t think. There’s power in that you know. When my thoughts are clogged drains; thinking of nothing is inspiring.

You possess my inner being, you make a monster out of me.

Next best headline;

Woman turns into creature out of the ordinary, her brain looks clogged but I think we could manage. Her eyes have turned to black ink and we’ve written up a pattern for obsessive blinking. Drip dropping ink from her tear ducts all over our pages of investigation.

My monster grows and he needs honey to be kept alive. He needs to stomp on the ground a few times to be kept alive. He needs a tulip from your garden to be kept alive. He’s at a loss for words and he wants yours. He wants to take your words, will you let him? That’s awful,


Possessed by an inconvenience

A muse’s muse

I can tell by the nectar dripping from your tongue when you kiss me-

When you slowly wipe your mouth from how good it tastes and look at me with convenient misery.

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