Fireplace I

This fire is crazy

It burns hot and my skin can’t take it

Maybe not can’t

They tell me don’t can’t

Can-can like a dancer running

Toward emotional torment

Breaking in my head like my 

Shoes and my thoughts like

My toes / they break I told 


Who told me to can

Who can without calm toes and a 

steady shoe?

but hey, crying isn’t the answer

sit up in the bright light and

let yourself simmer.

The fire- it’s crazy

My head feels like it’s being

clamped closed so I stutter in 

my simmering.

It pounds and gets revenge on

me for the few hours it let me break.

I don’t want to run but I 

so very much can

can run / not face my broken


Don’t sit where it kills me to can’t

a frayed edge I was told

I’m only frayed

small danglings making up a 


can-can strings that very much


It’s a fucking crazy fire

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