berries, red, suburbs
home, house, car, window, childhood, neighborhood
father, pine, trees, nature, montreal, canada
mother, nude, black and white, home
plane, house, sky
girlfriend, nude, bathroom, home, portrait
branch, nature, sky, tree
train, valley stream, tracks, conductor, mta
girlfriend, sports, soccer, portrait, night, game, blood
black and white, chairs, backyard, transparent
mother, portrait, kitchen, home
snow globe, christmas, family, autumn
girlfriend, sports, soccer, net, trees, active

The series, "and then there was, in this created being, the autonomous woman," is a self-realization about my issues with dependence and self doubt. I focus on my parents and how their upbringing affected my young adult life. The work explores my sexuality, my old and new values and my stride toward independence. Click here to view some installation shots of the recent exhibition.

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