berries, red, suburbs
train, valley stream, tracks, conductor, mta
mother, nude, black and white, home
home, house, car, window, childhood, neighborhood
branch, nature, sky, tree
girlfriend, nude, bathroom, home, portrait
snow globe, christmas, family, autumn
girlfriend, sports, soccer, portrait, night, game, blood
black and white, chairs, backyard, transparent
mother, portrait, kitchen, home
plane, house, sky
girlfriend, sports, soccer, net, trees, active

This body of work is a journey of self-realization of dependence and coming out as a queer woman. Delilah grew up in an openly sexual environment surrounded by women who were comfortable in their skin. When she came out, that feeling of openness felt much more reserved and confused the balance between femininity and what it means to be female. She photographs her mother who is a dancer and her girlfriend who is an athlete to find her own role as a woman in the queer community. This body of work initially stemmed from her fear of travel which she speaks about in her written work, which was included in the opening, called “The Autonomous Woman.” Click here to view some installation shots of the recent exhibition.

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